A perfect way to bring the warmth in

While the weather outside may soon be turning frightful, keep the inside of your home cozy and delightful. Consider a cuddler chair, also known as a chair and a half, maybe a chaise or a sectional.

Bring the warmth in and cocoon for the winter with one of these nice comfy pieces.

Picture leaning back and stretching your legs out on a chaise. Or snuggle down and enjoy a movie with the family on a roomy sectional. Any room will instantly look so much more comfortable with the addition of one of these pieces.

When the thought of winter comes to mind, often in response, we picture curling up under a warm blanket or being wrapped in a throw. Keeping the cold out, and creating an inviting atmosphere.

Just a look at a cuddler chair, a sectional or a chaise – any of these brings about images of a nice cup of coffee and a long morning with a book, or maybe indulging in a glass of wine and just relaxing. Staying warm and taking a break from winter’s reach.

Of course, snuggling in and just relaxing isn’t exclusively for our winter months; these pieces can also lend themselves to chilling out with a mimosa in the summer or spring months as well. Lending themselves to the liveability of any home or cottage.

Expert Advice

If expert advice on this important investment is something you are looking for, our team has the knowledge and tools to provide you with the guidance you need. The team stays on top of current trends and is continually updating knowledge on the industry and its offerings. One option to consider is to take advantage of Blair’s free in-home consultation service. The Blair Design Team loves to hear your ideas and answer your questions. So bring in your plans and let us help you plan out every inch to ensure that the pieces you order fit together perfectly.

Marla Dowdall