Dining room options are limitless

No matter how small or large your family may be, your choice of dining room table is a very personal decision. Whether you are seeking out an elevated dining experience, or a more casual intimate set, where we eat has taken on new meaning.

The traditional dining room, kept exclusively for gatherings and family meals, is also now sharing its long held purpose with more functional uses. Many are using their dining room table as a place to drop the bills, perhaps as a desk or office space, or maybe even for a laundry basket on its way from one destination to the next.

Regardless of how you plan on using your dining room set, there are many options available. Whether it is traditional, loft, sophisticated, sleek or modern, Canadel offers solid wood construction. Handcrafted in Canada for regular or high dining experiences, there are over 90 stains available to suit any kitchen or dining room use and colour.

Canadel’s UDesign allows you to customize your set to your specific needs – whether it be a square, rectangular, round, upholstered, glass top – specify your table type, your surface, height, shape, size, leg, pedestal – the options are truly endless. Every step of the way the elements are chosen by you for your specific needs and wants.

Expert Advice

If expert advice on this important investment is something you are looking for, our team has the knowledge and tools to provide you with the guidance you need. The team stays on top of current trends and is continually updating knowledge on the industry and its offerings. One option to consider is to take advantage of Blair’s free in-home consultation service. The Blair Design Team loves to hear your ideas and answer your questions. So bring in your plans and let us help you plan out every inch to ensure that the pieces you order fit together perfectly.

Marla Dowdall