Introducing our brand new Flexsteel Studio

With over 100 styles to choose from and 1,200 plus fabrics and leathers to customize with – Flexsteel has given us plenty of options to style your design needs.

Handcrafted in North America, Flexsteel has had a lengthy history – and a vital component of its story is the Blue Steel Spring. Invented in 1910, this patented “bottomless spring” is behind Flexsteel’s lifetime guarantee, on upholstered furniture. Never needing a tune up or tweak “the all riveted high carbon, steel banded system” gives each couch and chair “lasting strength and comfort.” Strength on the inside and lasting beauty on the outside. While Flexsteel’s story may have the Blue Steel Spring at its centre, the company itself has actually been around since 1893.

The steel itself is 100 % tensile steel, strong and flexible – remaining unhidden or covered underneath any of the furniture. Anyone interested in seeing this is welcome to come into the store anytime – we can certainly flip over a sofa to showcase its construction – like looking under the hood of a car to see the full throttle engine underneath.

If these weren’t attractive enough considerations - Kashmira - Flexsteel’s popular performance fabric – comes with a five year limited warranty. Pet and child friendly fabric so durable it has the ability to repel liquids, food spills and inks.

The list of positives goes on and on…. Leading us to a very exciting announcement. In the coming days we will launch as Ottawa Valley’s only Flexsteel Studio location! The choice was an obvious one, and we are happy to have so many selections to suit your various choices and needs.

Expect more news to come - visit us soon to find out more and join in the excitement!

Marla Dowdall