A guide to your furniture shopping journey – part 1

Where do I start? Join us as we help you with this and many other questions on your furniture shopping journey, in our three part blog series. In this, our first instalment, we discuss just how to get started, and where to begin.


First you will need to look at your space. For the makeover of an entire room, or the replacement of a single piece of furniture, you will want to keep a few things in mind.

You have already thought, perhaps roughly, or exactly, as to what you want to accomplish so now it’s time to begin.

Among the items that should be top of your idea list are the space itself, and the physical room you have to work with. Then think about the colours you would like to surround yourself with, or perhaps draw some attention to, with a bit of a flare or pop.

There may be a piece of furniture you would like to keep, and change everything around it. Most of us have pieces in our homes that hold memories, or signify special moments in time. Whether it is an antique clock passed down from your Grandmother or an inherited hutch displaying your crystal, there is a way to make existing pieces work with your newest ideas.

Depending on the scope of your project - when you come to the store, you might want to consider bringing along paint chips, floor samples, and your ideas of course. But, if you haven’t got that far yet, we can also help you start from scratch. If inspiration is what you need, we have plenty to offer.


Tune in next time to part two of our series to read about how we can help you along in the next steps of your furniture shopping adventure.


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Marla Dowdall